The Spokane River Rowing Association (SRRA) strives to make rowing accessible to people of every background and ability; and promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion in all we do. Contact for more information on financial assistance.

Whether you have rowed with us before or are returning to the sport after some time away; all rowers with prior experience or who have completed a Learn to Row program are welcome. We have a range of boats from singles to eights. Coxswains are welcome!

The iCrew App

SRRA uses iCrew for registration and scheduling rowing sessions and events. If you desire to become a member, please register in iCrew (mobile device app available) at iCrew automatically updates the SRRA calendar on this webpage.

Once registered, go to “Your Home” in iCrew. The is where you access available practice sessions to toggle in your attendance plans, reserve a boat for individual or group rowing sessions, pay dues and fees, confirm required training (USRowing safety video, SRRA Safety Policy) and documentation (Liability Waiver, medical history, and emergency contact information, etc.). SRRA uses iCrew to send emails with general information to all active participants.


SRRA wants all participants to feel safe because we each take responsibility for one another’s safety and the safety of our equipment. To this end, SRRA has a Safety Officer as a member of the Board of Directors, follows SafeSport protocols to maintain an atmosphere of respect and free from abusive actions, and keeps our Safety Policy current. SRRA expects each participant to be responsible for their own, each other’s, and the organization’s safety. There is an anonymous procedure to report unsafe practices or disrespect. There is no blame or financial responsibility for accidental damage to equipment. There is an incident and damage report form in iCrew.

Rowers must pass a swim test (10 min tread water, then put on life preserver while in the water) every 2 years, if a rower is unable to pass a swim test, they will be required to wear a vest style PFD (personal flotation device).

Small boat rowers are required to wear a PFD (can be an inflatable waist belt type), wear hi-visibility shirt/hat, and carry a phone in the boat. It is recommended all rowers wear high visibility shirt/hat. Every boat is required to carry a phone. Phones should be in waterproof case and tied into the boat in case of capsizing.

Mailing List: Please Register for our mailing list for updates and event announcements.

SRRA on Facebook: Follow SRRA at

Volunteering: SRRA relies on member volunteers to be Board members, participate in recruiting events, clean-up efforts, boat maintenance, fund-raising, and other tasks. Please plan to volunteer about 10 hours per season to help keep this club healthy and sustainable.

What to expect at rowing sessions:

Set your attendance plan for sessions in iCrew for at least 24 hours in advance if possible. Please arrive a few minutes early to stretch, warm-up, carry oars and boats to the water and be ready to row. Most SRRA boats have large size shoes, so bring socks and/or water shoes to wear. Silver Lake is a water launch and the water will be cold in the spring, knee high waterproof boots may be a good solution to cold wet feet.

There is no drinking water at Silver Lake, please come prepared. A volunteer Practice Captain or Coach will be at each practice. This person’s main duty is to take responsibility in case of an emergency. They will also assist in setting boat line ups as needed. Rowers in boat together should discuss their training plan prior to the session if possible. There are no official coached sessions at this time. A pre-row safety meeting will be attended by all rowers. A post row debrief will also be held once all equipment is stored. Each session will last 2-2.5 hours.

Individual and group rowing: SRRA members may form their own rowing teams to practice together at times that suit their needs. They should use iCrew to reserve the boat of their choice outside of the organized group sessions posted in iCrew. Purchase of additional private coaching sessions may become available.

Reminder: You can only get on the water after registering, paying dues and fees, and completing the various safety and insurance documents and trainings using iCrew.

Membership Registration, Dues and Fees

An Annual Membership (tax deductible) donation is required for each member. In addition, full season, monthly, college-age, or punch cards are payable depending on your rowing schedule. See payment information below.

USRowing Membership (not required):  SRRA is an Organizational Member of USRowing. If you plan to race at USRowing event(s) you will need to become a USRowing individual member as well. Use SRRA’s organizational validation code QT79N if you have not previously registered with USRowing as a member of SRRA.

Steps to becoming and SRRA Member: If you plan on rowing with the SRRA this season, you will need to complete the following items:

  1. Rower Information: Register in iCrew making sure to fill out “Your Profile” including your emergency contact information, email address, and phone number.
  2. Liability Release: Before SRRA can let anyone on the water, we need to have a current signed SRRA Waiver (find this in iCrew at “Your Home/documents”).
  3. Medical History: Please download and complete the Medical History form so we have some background information in the event of a medical emergency.
    • Please scan the completed medical history form and send it to or bring forms to your first practice or mail it to SRRA at:
      • Spokane River Rowing Association (SRRA)
      • c/o Brandan Borgias
      • 9326 E Holman Rd
      • Spokane, WA 99206
  4. Safety: Watch US Rowing Safety Video (1 hour) and read SRRA Safety Policy (15 minutes), both found in iCrew “Your home/documents”. For those volunteering to work with youth a background check and Safe Sport training will be required.
  5. Discover Pass: WA State Discover Pass ($30) is required for each vehicle parking at the public boat launch at Silver Lake. Some passes may be available for loan. Discover Passes are good for State recreation sites  for a full year. Get your annual Discover Pass here: We encourage carpooling!
  6. Dues and Fees: Go to iCrew “Your Home/payments” all payments can be handled within iCrew.
    • $125 Annual Dues (required): help cover SRRA’s USRowing membership, insurance, marketing/recruiting costs, and business licenses and registrations. Before we even get to the water SRRA spends over $5000 each year to be in existence.  Your annual dues are tax deductible. Annual dues are in addition to monthly or punch card fees. We encourage payment of annual dues by April 1 to help cover season startup costs!
    • Full Season, Monthly, or Punch Card Fees go primarily to liability and equipment insurance, equipment purchase, repair, and maintenance, safety launch expenses and some may be used to provide financial assistance to those with identified need. These fees are in addition to the annual dues.
      • Full Season Option ($500): this is a discounted rate over the monthly, pay-as-you go option. This option entitles full access to all scheduled practices (at least 5 days/week), individual or group sessions using SRRA equipment, all social events, and winter rowing machine in-person or virtual training sessions.
      • Monthly Option ($125/mo): for May-October.  This option entitles full access to all scheduled practices (at least 5 days/week), individual or group sessions using SRRA equipment, and social events during a calendar month.
      • 10-SessionPunch card Option ($175):  These “cards” can be used at any time during the season and offer the greatest flexibility for rowers that cannot row consistently for a full month. Punch cards are good for the indicated number of rowing sessions. Rowers are on honor system to show attendance in iCrew, which tracks your punchcard balance.
    • College age rowers (18-23) Option ($225) We offer a discounted Annual dues plus fees package for experienced collage age rowers. This option entitles full access to all scheduled practices (at least 5 days/week), individual or group sessions using SRRA equipment, all social events, and winter rowing machine in-person or virtual training sessions.
    • Financial Assistance:  (including transportation reimbursement): We want everyone to be able to row, please don’t let cost be a barrier to enjoying this sport!  Contact for more information on financial assistance. Your information will be kept confidential.
    • Learn-to-Row ($125): Three 3 hour sessions. See Learn-to-Row tab for more information. No annual dues are required for a Learn-To-Row course.
    • Guest Rower ($15 per session): Guest rowers are welcome. We request a donation of at least $15, please use the “Make a Donation” button below to make payment.
    • Donate: SRRA’s wish list includes: a quad rowing shell to build our youth rowing fleet, 16 sculling oars, hiring staff (executive director, operations manager, coach(s), etc), establishing a dock and boathouse on the Spokane River. Eventually, we believe we will meet these with the help your generous donations. Please make your donation here.
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