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2021 Learn to Row

The Spokane River Rowing Association (SRRA) will not be conducting Learn-to-Row classes during the 2021 rowing season. The uncertainty of Covid-19 health protocols preclude the club from hosting our usual 2-week Learn to Row sessions in 2021. We plan to resume these popular classes taught by experienced rowing coaches in 2022.

SRRA will begin the 2021 master’s club rowing season with “Learn to Row 2.0” beginning June 14, 2021 Since most of us have not been in a shell for over a year, the coaches are going to help us get our confidence back by providing Learn to Row 2.0 for our sessions in June. We’ll be reacquainting ourselves on basic boat handling, technique,  entering and exiting the boats, steering, water safety, etc. It will be a great opportunity to ask all your questions, remember which is starboard and which is port, how to orient the oar locks, and get us off on the right path to a great summer of rowing! So please make sure you are on our mailing list to get updated information.


If you have questions, please click on the link below, and send us a message:

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We look forward to rowing with you next summer!