Early Season News/Updates for SRRA

Thanks to everyone who responded to the questionnaire about adding another morning session. Nine of us can make it on Tuesday morning (6 on the other mornings) so I added Tuesday morning practices.

Anthony is available to cox for these sessions, so let’s try hard to get at least 8 people out so we can fill out the eight (SRRA’s only coxed boat). Anthony is a fabulous cox so it will be great to get his experience while he is home from college.

Jon Legualt has also added a Monday evening session. As it gets warmer the lake will get busier and we will be taking that into account regarding evening rowing times. 

Keep watching iCrew for changes.

Exciting news! SRRA has 40 members, 18 folks in the June Learn to Row classes, and over 200 people on the water already in June!!! We have two volunteer safety launch drivers (thanks Lisa and Mike), two volunteer coxswains (thanks Anthony and Reagan) and some additional interest from possible coaches. 

We’ve had some spectacular mornings and evenings on the water and in my observation, the rowing is getting longer and stronger. Well Done Everyone!

Maybe we should hold some inter-club races later in the summer :)

Gayne Sears

Spokane Rowing Club Relocates

Map showing general location of Silver Lake Public Boat Launch

Spokane River Rowing Association opens this season on Silver Lake near Medical Lake in eastern Spokane County. We look forward to having more days on the water at the lake location and it’s a great place to launch our boats. On the river, the rowing season usually started in June as the river is quite swift with spring runoff. Since Felts Field would not consider issuing a lease to SRRA to remain at the site near Upriver Dam, we were fortunate to get a permit from the WA Department of Fish and Wildlife to launch at Silver Lake. With our new site, we look forward to getting on the water in May and rowing until November. We will offer Learn-to-Row courses each month and novice (completed Learn-to-Row course) and experienced rowing sessions at least 5 days/week.

New recruits who have been practicing on rowing machines this winter are eager to get on the water. Experienced rowers are also looking forward to the 3500 meter long lake. We’ve worked hard to establish a safe site at Silver Lake which also offers plenty of parking. Rowing is a growing sport in the Northwest. We are an inclusive and welcoming club and are excited to share it with people. If you are interested in finding out more contact srra@spokanerowing.org.

Gayne Sears, President

Update on SRRA Water Access

We are awaiting a response from two venue options:

  • Felts Field (near the GU Boathouse on the Spokane River
  • Picnic Pines at Silver Lake.

SRRA has requested an area to lease near the Gonzaga boathouse from the Airport Board. We had positive meetings with the Properties Specialist and she thought it our request would be approved by the Board. However she is very short staffed and has been unable to move the request forward. I continue to call and e-mail her.

Additionally, SRRA has made positive contact with the owner of the Picnic Pines site on the north end of Silver Lake. This is an abandoned RV park on private land, and the owners seemed comfortable with our proposal to row from their land this summer. That said, the deal has not been finalized with them either.

These are the two most promising options in the local area, but neither have come to fruition yet.

Our new coach Maddy Madison and the Learn to Row Committee have developed a learn to row program and are excited to deploy it when we get confirmation of a site. Boat mtc days went wellThis past weekend. Thanks for the couple people who were able to assist and to Peggy for hosting it at her home.

Rowing opportunities:

PORPA (Pend Oreille Rowing and Paddling Assoc. www.PORPA.org ) will be holding a rowing session every Sunday morning at the Priest River and is happy to host SRRA rowers. You will need to sign a liability waiver on the PORPA web site. I will post these opportunities on iCrew and folks can show attending if they want to join the fun.

CdA Rowing (cdarowing.org ) offers affiliate membership for $200/year. Members can check out boats with others and row at any time/day on Lake Fernan.

SRRA may arrange to bring some boats to the Silver Lake public boat launch (north end) and row on a weekday evening (fewer other boats out then).

Your SRRA Board continues to strive toward our goal of a safe and convenient rowing site, thanks for your patience.

Gayne Sears, President
srra@spokanerowing .org

SRRA Annual Meeting – 2023

Come one, Come all! Please join your friends and fellow rowers at SRRA’s Annual Meeting. Members, families, interested folks are all welcome. It will be a fun evening with “Get To Row You BINGO” and lots of information about the 2023 rowing and learn to row opportunities.
Tuesday 2 May 2023 7-830 pm
Valley YMCA
2421 N Discovery Pl
Spokane Valley, WA 99216
We will share:
    • Opportunities and dues for rowing in 2023
    • New site options,
    • Plans for a learn to row course
    • Financial status and budget for the year
    • Plans for coaching and recruiting events
    • Diversity, inclusion, and equity efforts
    • Ideas for increased social gatherings,
    • Club opportunities for volunteering
    • How to use iCrew,
    • Early season safety
    • Hold an election for new Board members.


Do you want to Learn-to-Row in 2023?

The Spokane River Rowing Association (SRRA) strives to make rowing accessible to people of every background and ability; and promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion in all we do.

Learn-to-Row summer sessions are for anyone (age 18 and older) who is interested in trying a new sport and adding a fun dimension to their summer schedule. Swimming skills are important, but SRRA will provide personal flotation devices for less competent swimmers.

SRRA likely be conducting our 2023 Learn-to-Row classes during the month of July, final schedule is TBA. Please let us know your interest by sending an email with your contact information to Interested in LTR.

Learn to Row sessions include coached lessons on the ergometer (rowing machine) and on-the-water sessions in eight and four person rowing shells! We cover rowing stroke and boat safety, basic boathouse terminology, boat and oar handling skills, with the majority of the class focused on rowing stroke technique on the rowing machine and in the boat with other rowers. Participants also receive a Spokane River Rowing tech T-shirt (value $25). Current SRRA rowers offer mentorship and welcome new rowers to continue to learn with them on the water for the remainder of the summer.

Some details:

  • All registrants must be 18 or older by the end of 2023.
  • For two or more registrants in the same family, the second family member is half price! 
  • Location:  TBD but likely on the Spokane River at 7200 E. South Riverway Ave Spokane, WA 99202 see directions here.
  • Cost: TBD but in the $200-$250 range
  • SRRA encourages all interested adults to try Learn to Row regardless of financial ability. Contact srra@spokanerowing.org for more information on financial assistance for registration and/or transportation costs.
  • If you are looking for junior rowing, please check with Coeur d’Alene Rowing at CDArowing.org
  • Pend Oreille Rowing and Padding Association also offers adult and youth introduction to rowing classes. www.porpa.org