Spokane River Rowing Association is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. After a few years of attempts to generate interest in rowing in Spokane, a critical point came in the summer of 2003. The founder of Women on Wheels (WOW) contacted the coaches of Gonzaga Rowing with the idea of providing the community and interested members of the biking club a fun and new way of physically training

Current Program:
Spokane River Rowing Association is looking forward to our 17th year of operation in the upcoming 2020 season.  SRRA provides Masters rowing 3 days a week, 6 months of the year and two-week Learn-to-Row sessions in the summer for those interested in joining SRRA, but who have no prior rowing experience.

Future Plans:
Our fleet of boats continues to grow with a purchase of two new 2x/2- Wintech Competitors.  We have three 8+, one 4x, two 4-, three 2x/2-,  four 1x’s and a training single “the bath tub”!  And, to get our boats around we have a custom built 9 place, offset, 39’ boat trailer.   

The pot of gold at the end of the SRRA rainbow is… a boathouse leased or owned and operated by Spokane River Rowing Association.  Liability issues prevent us from currently offering additional open rowing, Youth and ADA rowing and any winter training sessions.  Our foundation is getting stronger and our future is looking very bright!