Early Season News/Updates for SRRA

Thanks to everyone who responded to the questionnaire about adding another morning session. Nine of us can make it on Tuesday morning (6 on the other mornings) so I added Tuesday morning practices.

Anthony is available to cox for these sessions, so let’s try hard to get at least 8 people out so we can fill out the eight (SRRA’s only coxed boat). Anthony is a fabulous cox so it will be great to get his experience while he is home from college.

Jon Legualt has also added a Monday evening session. As it gets warmer the lake will get busier and we will be taking that into account regarding evening rowing times. 

Keep watching iCrew for changes.

Exciting news! SRRA has 40 members, 18 folks in the June Learn to Row classes, and over 200 people on the water already in June!!! We have two volunteer safety launch drivers (thanks Lisa and Mike), two volunteer coxswains (thanks Anthony and Reagan) and some additional interest from possible coaches. 

We’ve had some spectacular mornings and evenings on the water and in my observation, the rowing is getting longer and stronger. Well Done Everyone!

Maybe we should hold some inter-club races later in the summer :)

Gayne Sears