Update on SRRA Water Access

We are awaiting a response from two venue options:

  • Felts Field (near the GU Boathouse on the Spokane River
  • Picnic Pines at Silver Lake.

SRRA has requested an area to lease near the Gonzaga boathouse from the Airport Board. We had positive meetings with the Properties Specialist and she thought it our request would be approved by the Board. However she is very short staffed and has been unable to move the request forward. I continue to call and e-mail her.

Additionally, SRRA has made positive contact with the owner of the Picnic Pines site on the north end of Silver Lake. This is an abandoned RV park on private land, and the owners seemed comfortable with our proposal to row from their land this summer. That said, the deal has not been finalized with them either.

These are the two most promising options in the local area, but neither have come to fruition yet.

Our new coach Maddy Madison and the Learn to Row Committee have developed a learn to row program and are excited to deploy it when we get confirmation of a site. Boat mtc days went wellThis past weekend. Thanks for the couple people who were able to assist and to Peggy for hosting it at her home.

Rowing opportunities:

PORPA (Pend Oreille Rowing and Paddling Assoc. www.PORPA.org ) will be holding a rowing session every Sunday morning at the Priest River and is happy to host SRRA rowers. You will need to sign a liability waiver on the PORPA web site. I will post these opportunities on iCrew and folks can show attending if they want to join the fun.

CdA Rowing (cdarowing.org ) offers affiliate membership for $200/year. Members can check out boats with others and row at any time/day on Lake Fernan.

SRRA may arrange to bring some boats to the Silver Lake public boat launch (north end) and row on a weekday evening (fewer other boats out then).

Your SRRA Board continues to strive toward our goal of a safe and convenient rowing site, thanks for your patience.

Gayne Sears, President
srra@spokanerowing .org